Drake, Bob - What Day Is It?

What Day Is It is Bob Drake’s first-ever solo album and was self-released by Bob in a hand-made package in 1993. He performed all the music with some assistance from Dave Kerman on drums. Odd songs with an almost folk or Cajun feel to them; folk music from another planet, perhaps. This is a great one for me if only simply because it was the first time that anyone heard Bob’s instantly recognizable solo sound! Recommended.

"Bob is already celebrated for his many ReR solo CDs, as well as for his long and illustrious career as a member of Thinking Plague,Hail, 5uu’s, Vril, The Science Group, AA Kismet...the list goes on.
In the late ‘80s he relocated from Denver to L.A. to become a sought-after engineer - in the most commercial of senses - working on (and in many cases actually creating) albums for Ice Cube, Yo Yo, Charo and Englebert Humperdink...again the list goes on and on.
During downtime at Echo Studio, however, Bob was formulating and recording this, his first solo, disc, working late into the night. What Day Is It ? already exhibits Bob’s characteristic traits: golden fingers, hi-wire vocals, eyebrow-raising country-picking, loose-but-right-in-the-pocket drums, eccentric chord inversions, and a bass-guitar sound to make you want to work like crazy or quit.
And of course, his engineering skills were able similarly to explore the possibilities of the recording medium outside the commercial box that most successful engineers are trapped within, to the point that the sound and its disposition become integral to the composition and not merely the presentation of these songs."
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