Thinking Plague - A History Of Madness

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Thinking Plague's greatly anticipated 5th album presents a further maturation of the bands sound. Not content to merely repeat their past successes, the album's overall feel is due in part to the inclusion of acoustic instruments in the mix, which is also interwoven with electronic sounds and samples. The CD includes two soundscape pieces, War on Terra and Le Gouffre, that leader Mike Johnson maintains: are really a departure for me, or a beginning, as it were, in that they are my first really serious forays into the realm of semi-composed, sonic environments rather than organized pieces or songs." The line up is Mike Johnson (guitars), Deborah Perry (vocals), Dave Willey (bass and accordions), Dave Shamrock (formerly of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum) (drums), Mark Harris (reeds) and Matt Mitchell (piano, harmonium, synths) with contributions from other musicians, including Dave Kerman (percussion), Ron Miles (trumpet), Mark McCoin (samples and soundscapes) and others. The CDs magic reveals itself on multiple listenings, in exploring the works threads like currents in a stream. However, a single listen will suffice to leave most spellbound.
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