Miasma and the Carousel of Headless Horses - Perils CD

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You only *think* you don't know who this is. Miasma is a side project of Guapo who have released this, their first album. Operating to my ears in a more straight-forwardly RIO/avant progressive style than Guapo and with a lot more European folk touches, it's less loud and intense, and uses more acoustic instrumentation along with the 'rock' elements, conjuring up elements of Univers Zero (especially Andy Kirk's tunes), Astor Piazolla, Regular Music, Ahvak, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Miriodor, Nimal and more of the usual suspects, most of whom you will often find on these pages here! Quite impressive, quite recommended and until very recently I had no idea that they were involved in this. Four of the five musicians are also members of Guapo, and while you can definitely tell that, this is quite different and will probably be more appealing than Guapo to some and less appealing to others. Anyway, an impressive feat. Daniel O'Sulivan-guitar, harmonium, autoharp, Sara Hubrich-viola, violin, Orlando Harrison-piano, organ, glockenspiel, David Ledden-bass and David Smith-drums, percussion.
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