Cote, Michel F. - (Juste) Claudette

Michel F Côté-drums, 9/11 pocket trumpet, arrangements, Bernard Falaise-electric guitar, Jesse Levine-electric organ, Alexandre St-Onge-bass.

"(juste) Claudette is acid, coarse and rough. It has swing and bite. It's a fast and (not-so-always) willing quartet. They play loud, they hit hard, and they smell strong (but not all the time). Claudette can also be tender, judging from the two ballads included (a Vincent Gallo cover and an approximate reading of a piece by Morton Feldman). So, it's also a record for the girls (and not only Claudette). Alexandre St-Onge on doublebass, Bernard Falaise on electric guitar, Jesse Levine on electric organ, Michel F Côté on drums and pocket trumpet (Gordon Allen will be the live trumpeter). That's it for the manpower. Style-wise, Claudette is not easily labeled. As usual, I'm avoiding sure-fire categories. This is nameless music. The musicians and the band have names, but the music they create doesn't. There, now figure it all out! All right, in the name of kindness and to reassure those who absolutely need markers, we'll pretend that (juste) Claudette is at the crossroads of Bruire, Klaxon Gueule and Flat Fourgonnette. Although, it would be pure luck if it happened to be true. Let's say that (juste) Claudette is resistance to repetition."
  • LabelAmbiances Magnetiques
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