Osanna - Milano Calibro 9 CD (mini lp sleeve)

This film soundtrack was their second album. Most of the album contains prime Osanna, great guitar-led heavy progressive, quiet acoustic parts with beautiful mellotron or flute, etc. In addition they experiment with the use of orchestration in their music, which just as often works as it doesn't. Often it sounds like a juxtaposition of classical music and hard rock rather than the integration of both styles, but the low point of the album is definitely the cheesy pop ballad, that ends Milano Calibro 9. Although Milano Calibro 9 contains all the elements that would be presented in perfection on Palepoli, the use of orchestration, at times, gets in the way of their music. Nevertheless, Milano Calibro 9 is still a great album which contains some of Osanna's best music.- Sjef Oellers/Gnosis
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