Tarlton, Jeff - Astral Years

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"American singer songwriter and bohemian folk troubadour Jeff Tarlton made two wonderful albums for Delerium in the late 1990's that were criminally overlooked at a time when folk was terminally unfashionable. Forget and all the nu folk pretenders, Jeff Tarlton was making incredible bewitching loner acid folk music and plying his trade in the secret venues of Europe long before this kind of music was promoting mobile phones. A good ten years ahead of it's time this little known masterpiece was made in 1997 by Jeff Tarlton an American who has led a hobo-gypsy lifestyle in Eastern Europe, recording with various musicians as he has travelled. With a voice that soars with the melodious grace of Tim Buckley but is possessed with the dark mystery of Nick Drake, Jeff crafted this amazing album. It's a singer song writer voyage that reinvented folk before nu-folk existed, with acoustic and electric instruments weaving a kind of beatnik bohemian folk psych tapestry that is hard to categorise yet magically rewarding. On one track Jeff plays the spokes of a bicycle wheel! In twenty years this album will be worshipped!"
  • LabelDelirium
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