Tarlton, Jeff - Dragin' Spring

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"American singer songwriter and bohemian folk troubadour Jeff Tarlton made two wonderful albums for Delerium in the late 1990's that were criminally overlooked at a time when folk was terminally unfashionable. Forget and all the nu folk pretenders, Jeff Tarlton was making incredible bewitching loner acid folk music and plying his trade in the secret venues of Europe long before this kind of music was promoting mobile phones. Jeff's second album from 2000 is a further expansion of his unique style, and with a host of friends he creates a beautiful mixture of folk and rock that has a haunting otherworldly quality, haunting the borderland between gritty urban sprawl and dank and mysterious wilderness. Anyone who ever loved the intensity of Nick Drake or early John Martin whilst enjoying the contemporary, Espers, Devendra Banhart and other contemporary folk artists will find much to enjoy here."
  • LabelDelirium
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