Broadcast - The Future Crayon CD

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It's good working in an office with a bunch of younger people, because I hear a lot of stuff that is extremely interesting and I wouldn't hear otherwise. Broadcast are an electronica band and this is their latest album, which is actually a collection of rarities and b-sides, mostly from 1998-2001, although there is some newer stuff. I don't know if it all sounds like this (the other stuff I've heard by them doesn't), but a LOT of this sounds like never-heard stuff by the United States of America (yes, the 1960's experimental electronic/rock band who just released one amazing/classic album) MINUS the ring-modulated electric violin (of course!). I think the singer even sounds like Dorothy Moskowitz and the mixture found here of electronics and weirdness and pop songs also have big resemblances to that classic album and group. Maybe you'll think I'm way off base here and you won't hear the similarities, but there are parts where I think they are shockingly close! Did they mean this? Or did it just turn out that way? Conditionally recommended.

"I got my hands on this the day it came out because I am a firm believer that Broadcast can do no wrong. So far so good. Broadcast sound very much like a cross between Stereolab, White Noise and United States Of America. This CD definitely gets the Wayside employee pick of the month." - Simon/Wayside employee of the month

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