Cahen, Francois 'Faton' - Paris 2000

Pianist Faton is undoubtably best known as a member of Magma during their early years, performing with them on their first two albums, and especially shinning on 1001 Centigrades. Right after 1001, he and Yochk'o Seffer split from Magma to form one of the quintessential French fusion bands of the mid-70's, Zao. This album features sax, electric bass, drums and two percussionists. It is much more of a 'jazz' album than Zao, but you can definitely hear traces of Zao on the more fast-moving pieces here and there, and Faton keeps his great piano sound going here. This also includes a QuickTime movie of the band that you can watch on your computer! [Culture Press]
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