Cantina Sociale - Caosfera CD

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Elio Sesia / guitar
Rosalba Gentile / piano, keyboards
Marina Gentile / guitar
Filippo Piccinetti / bass
Massimiliano Monteleone / drums

"Over the past two decades, with the revival in international Prog level, many groups were born in Italy and in the world, referring to the old Prog , while some groups, "more 'rare', for the truth, they tried a personal way, the most 'only possible, far from stylistic references to other existing groups. Among these seconds there is definitely "Cantina Sociale".
True to the authentic spirit of Prog, which is "seen" by definition thrown forward in search of its own expressiveness ', that is the most' can be 'addresses and models ", the music of Asti band found itself already' the beginning immersed in that "new design to the Cantina Sociale" which is his expressive world."
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