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Cardboard Amanda is the work of Frank Camiola (along with two other musicians), who was one of the driving forces behind the band Frogg Cafe during their most interesting period. After leaving the band, he has been working on this album for a few years now and now it is here. It's a real weirdy; if this released was 30 years ago, all the hipsters would be talking about 'drug-coma induced tape fuckery' when this was re-discovered. For some reason he's using an alias here (sorry if I blew your cover, man!) and it boasts one of the most butt-ugly covers we've ever stocked (sorry again, man!), but it's a very intriguing, weird and unusual listen, and if I can say that after all these years, that's saying something!

"This is a gem by our pal Frank C. from the Avant Progressive discussion group, and his buddies. There's nothing "normal" at all about this disk's approach, and one wouldn't want to hear it any other way: Unlikely rhythms play against one another on equally unlikely instrumentation; diminutive sounds are juxtaposed within the scope of large ambiances; clearly defined "jazz/blues" vocals (that approximate Tuvan throat singing overtones- very strange) often lead us thru songs where atypically composed melodies become the glue holding together abnormally improvised settings. It's not for the squeamish or faint of heart, but those of us with "da noive" enough to have a sense of humor these days will enjoy its tongue-in-cheek malice aforethought and DIY ethos, immensely. It's a tad psychotic actually (I mean that in the best of ways). So, while I suspect people of all ages could develop a Cheshire Cat grin from listening to this disk, they shouldn't let their loved ones know where it came from. In a class by itself."-Dave Kerman
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