Vialka - Curiosities of Popular Customs CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

“Vialka was a drum and guitar duo, art project, and non-profit association: 15 years (2002-2017), 1274 concerts, 55 countries, a seemingly permanent world tour. Merci!”

Recorded and 'sculpted' by Bob Drake, this is a really great release by an exuberant duo who fill a lot of musical space with just baritone guitar & voice and drums and voice. If I had to compare it something, it reminds me a bit of a highly talented punk-rock duo playing the songbook of the earlist works by Etron Fou. Marylise was (is?) an extraordinary drummer!

"The duo of Marylise Frechville and Eric Boros (Vialka) are veritable nomads who travel the globe, astounding audiences in squats, punk clubs and bars, some 280 plus days of the year. Their most recent tour (supporting this, their most recent release), took them from France thru New Zealand, Australia, China, all of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. As ambassadors of new sounds, theyre willing to play anywhere, anytime and for anyone, just to get their point across. The music is derived from the underground-experimental-punk scene, but ostensibly mixed-in is a healthy dose of the French school of Avant Rock: Tres Fou (quite insane), mostly fast, hard-hitting, and with its own intense trademarks: baritone guitar, bass, drums and vocals, all between 2 people. This is wild, vivacious and crazy stuff, idiosyncratic to the core, and quite energetic. It covers new ground, and also follows up on a direction sadly left mostly undocumented...until now."

"This record will cut your breath in half. Have your mind ready to get its weeds whacked out."-Karl Mohr / Multibeat".
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