Stepmother - Calvary Greetings

Stepmother is a new, new-music S U P E R G R O U P, featuring greats from the Netherlands and an American and Englishman now in Switzerland:
Bill Gilonis (The Work, The Hat Shoes) : voice, guitar, bass, keyboards, clarinet, stylophone
Lukas Simonis (Dull Schicksal, VRIL) : voice, guitar, wooden thing
Jeroen Visser (Kazanchis) : voice, bass, organ, synth, clarinet, baritone sax
David Kerman (Present, 5uus, Thinking Plague) : drums, percussion

"Anglo-American-Dutch post-punk prog-rock and experimental soundscapes with a dash of Monty Python thrown in. A reunion of an '80s band that never existed (but should have): twangy guitars, nifty keyboards, zany drumming, vocal histrionics à la The Rutles (well, sort of), lop-sided rhythms, regurgitated spam lyrics. What more could you ask for? The journey we are taken on introduces us to mass murderer Curtis Lemay, Serge Gainsbourg, sex ads, neo-liberal communism, Nigerian online scams, neo-surrealist blabbering, and Dickensian psycho fluff. But the record is much more than a sum of its parts -- and it's beautifully packaged to boot, with artwork by Alfred Boland."
  • LabelMegaphone / Knock 'em Dead
  • UPC888295199544
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