Alco Frisbass - Alco Frisbass CD

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A lot of folks have been waiting for this one and finally it is here! The band is a duo of two keyboardist/multi-instrumentalists:
Fabrice “Chfab” Chouette: keyboards, guitars voice, recorder, whisting, percussion
Patrick “Paskinel” Dufour: Fender Rhodes, keyboards, drum programming, chimes
plus a large number of guests.

The description below talks about 'Canterbury sound' and yes, that sound is there, but this is about 60% symphonic rock and 40% Canterbury sound, to my ears.

The good news is that it is 100% excellent! If this sounds like this is your thing, well, it is! Highly recommended.

"A new rousing episode of pure Canterbury-sound on Fading Records! Alco Frisbass from France advances a spectacular combination of elegant melodies and melting riffs revisiting the best Canterbury’s scenes with the support of: Jacob Holm Lupo (White Willow), Paolo “Ske” Botta (Not A Good Sign, Ske, Yugen), Thierry Payssan (Minimum Vital), Archimede De Martini (Stormy Six). Mastering by Udi Koomran."
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