Crown Larks - Blood Dancer (Mega Blowout Sale)

So, I saw this young band from Chicago at a house concert a couple of weeks ago. They were very good and very cool and the show I saw was the 1st show of a 2 month tour all the way across the USA and back.

They don't sound anything like it, but if I had to describe them, they are a young, modern version of the kinda evil "Pawn Hearts" VDGG vibe mixed with proto prog psychedelia of the Vertigo label.

But that's just the vibe the music gives me; they aren't specifically 'retro' and they aren't trying to fool you into thinking this is lost lost music from 1971.

I really liked their show and I really like this release as well and for $7.00, you really should give stop asking yourself if you want this and just buy the damn thing.
Lorraine Bailey – electric piano, organ, vocals, clarinet, synths
Jack Bouboushian – guitar, vocals, bass, sleep machine, pedals
Bill Miller – drums
Peter Gillette – trumpet, flugelhorn, party favor
Chris Boonenberg – saxophone on Blood Mirage, piano on Chapels
Kevin Ohlau – saxophone, flute

"...exists at the intersection of the free rock, avant garde, jazz and outre improvisation scenes which have long been a hallmark of Chicago's musical culture....Hushed whispers, damaged screams, sax, flute, searing guitar, unhinged drums, bent circuitry and more caravan through hypnotic freakouts, poetic lyrics and crushing feedback

. RIYL: Boredoms, Soft Machine, Deerhunter, JOMF, Can, CAVE, Spacemen 3, Goat."

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