Various Artists - Jazz At The Flamingo (Mega Blowout Sale)

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The roots of 'Brit-jazz' are right here. Conditionally recommended!

"First released in May 1961 as a (slightly premature) 10th Anniversary celebration of the famous Soho jazz venue. Founded in 1952, the Flamingo in Wardour Street played host to both the cream of visiting US jazz musicians and also the emerging British talent.

During the Fifties, Flamingo founder Jeffrey Kruger built up his interests in music publishing and also facilitated recordings of some of his favourite artists, initially placing them with established outlets including the Tempo label. Then in 1960, the first British jazz releases appeared on his own Ember label, both reissues of material previously placed elsewhere, and releases of entirely new repertoire.

Jazz At The Flamingo was a collection of personal favourites, some previously released on Tempo, Decca, Parlophone and the nascent Ember itself, others new to vinyl.

To maximise the nostalgia of this reissue, Fantastic Voyage has faithfully retained the original album s artwork, and the CD booklet reproduces the album s original labels and sleeve notes (penned by Kruger himself). To increase the desirability of this release, Fantastic Voyage has added all four tracks from The British Jazz Trio EP of September 1962 (again reproducing all original artwork) and two previously unissued, longer outtakes from sessions for the Tommy Whittle Quintet album of 1959."
1. Flamingo All Stars: All Star Special - Flamingo All Stars
2. London Jazz Quartet: Wait And See - London Jazz Quartet
3. Ronnie Ross Quintet: Red Prune - Ronnie Ross Quintet
4. Eddie Thompson Trio: Moveable - The Eddie Thompson Trio
5. Tommy Whittle Quintet: 12 By 5 - Tommy Whittle Quintet
6. Tony Crombie Orchestra: Interpol Chase - Tony Crombie Orchestra
7. Derek Smith Trio with Harry Klein: Let s Call The Whole Thing Off - Derek Smith Trio & Harry Klein
8. London Jazz Quartet: Fishin The Blues - London Jazz Quartet
9. Eddie Thompson Trio: Just Play - The Eddie Thompson Trio
10. Ronnie Scott, Tubby Hayes and The Jazz Couriers: The Serpent - Ronnie Scott, Tubby Hayes & the Jazz Couriers
11. The British Jazz Trio: White Cliffs Of Dover - The British Jazz Trio
12. The British Jazz Trio: Ilkley Moor Baht at - The British Jazz Trio
13. The British Jazz Trio: London Pride - The British Jazz Trio
14. The British Jazz Trio: Charlie Is My Darling - The British Jazz Trio
15. Tommy Whittle Quintet : Lullabye [prev. unissued take 3] - Tommy Whittle Quintet
16. Tommy Whittle Quintet : Heard And Seen [prev. unissued take 2] - Tommy Whittle Quintet
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