Miller, Phil - Mind Over Matter

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This restocked item, originally released in 2011, is Phil Miller's final album. It was only available from Phil and is now not available at all in physical form, except from us....
The eighth release by In Cahoots - as far as I can tell, the last electric jazz/jazz-rock bands standing with any ties to the 'Canterbury scene' - is the 11th solo / bandleader release by the hugely underappreciated guitarist/composer Phil Miller. Phil's back career now stretches over 40 years and as one of the first generation of Canterbury scene musicians, from Delivery to Matching Mole to Hatfield and the North and finally to National Health. After the end of National Health, Phil took some time and regrouped as a bandleading guitarist / composer, working more in the 'rocky jazz' arena, rather than the 'jazzy rock' arena he had prevously been known for in those illustrious Canterbury bands. I realize that I am hardly unbiased, as we have released 3 of his said 11 albums, but I think that the fact that Phil shifted his focus towards jazz (a smart move since in the 80s, there no longer was any kind of a progressive rock scene with room for him) and featured saxes and trumpets in addition to electric keyboards, made a lot of folks who should have been continuing to follow his work decide that he was no longer as exciting. Well, In Cahoots aren't Hatfield and they aren't trying to be Hatfield, but they're really nice, composerly electric jazz albums. It's been nearly years since his last one and I, personally, am thrilled to see this finally happen. Appearing on it are Phil, Peter Lemer-keyboards, Paul Booth-saxes & flute, Mark Armstrong-trumpet & flugel horn, Fred Baker-bass and Mark Fletcher-drums. Listen to it and I hope you agree; it's another great one.
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