Schnitzler, Conrad - Rot CD (expanded)

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"There was a particular type of artist who could only have emerged in the legendary early 1970s. Few musicians fit the bill better than Conrad Schnitzler (Tangerine Dream, Kluster). Revolution, pop art and Fluxus created a climate which engendered unbridled artistic and social development. Radical utopias, excessive experimentation with drugs, ruthless (in a positive way) transgression of aesthetic frontiers were characteristic of the period. The magic words were "subculture," "progressivity" and "avant-gardism." West Berlin, with its unique political status, was a crucible of turbulence. Founded in 1968, Zodiak Free Arts Lab was the ultimate point of convergence for subculture in West Berlin, with Conrad Schnitzler the driving force behind it. It was also here that Tangerine Dream and Kluster first met up to perform in public. Bureau B presents Rot (The "Red" Album) from 1973, Schnitzler's first solo LP. Digipak reissue with liner notes by Asmus Tietchens, rare photos and a 20-minute bonus track"

"Schnitzler's first (released) solo album, Rot, continued the atonal, avant-garde bent of his work on Tangerine Dream's first LP, Electronic Meditation. Noisy, almost industrial sounding, the album's cut-up techniques leaven the monotony of the lengthy chords which characterize the pair of twenty-minute tracks, 'Meditation' and 'Krautrock'."-All Music Guide
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