Elvin, Emmett - Bloody Marvels

Emmett Elvin plays keyboards with Chrome Hoof, Guapo and Knifeworld. That's right now and all at once and he's made this great solo album too!
Emmett Elvin: 6 & 12-string guitars, resonator slide guitar, piano, recorders, percussion. mandolin-banjo etc.
and featuring:
Beverly Crome: French horn, tenor horn
Chloe Herington: bassoon, cor anglais, alto sax
Richard Larcombe: harmonium
Anna Tam: cello
Daniel Friend: trumpet
Matt Stevens: 6-string guitar
Sarah Anderson: viola, violin
David J. Smith: percussion
Will Elvin: acoustic bass
Oliver Sellwood: baritone sax

"An unexpected treat, this album contains a great set of instrumental compositions in a pretty unique style. Some of the string pieces remind me of l'Ensemble Raye while the superb 'Beyond Astronomy's Reach' brought Von Zamla to mind, and others just don't sound like anyone else. Great playing throughout ,and nothing he has played on before (Guapo, Knifeworld) will prepare you for this. Astoundingly good."-Alan Terrill
  • LabelBad Elephant
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