Coscienza Di Zeno - La Notte Anche Di Giorno CD

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Founded in Genoa in 2007, CDZ released their very well regarded, self-titled first album in 2011 and returned a few years later with their second album.

Now, with this, their third, the band are certainly in the forefront of modern bands performing Rock Progressivo Italiano.

The group is
Gabriele Guidi Colombi: Bass
Andrea Orlando: Drums
Alessio Calandriello: Voice
Stefano Agnini: Keyboards
Davide Serpico: Guitars
Luca Scherani: Keyboards
Domenico Ingenito: Violin
Joanne Roan: Flute
Melissa dle Lucchese: Cello
Simona Angioloni : Voice

The album features two long suites, which unfold over 20-some minutes, like two sides of a vinyl album in the 70s.

Mastered by Udi Koomran, the sound is warm and inviting and if you love this sound, you will adore this one. Highly recommended to fans.
  • LabelAltrock / Fading
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