Forza Elettro Motrice - Sulla Bolla Di Sapone

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"Fading records is glad to announce the long-awaited. first full-length album by the Italian band FEM (Forza Elettro Motrice), “Sulla Bolla di Sapone”.
The band consists of
Massimo Sabbatini-vocals
Alberto Citterio-keyboards and piano
Paolo Colombo-guitar
Marco Buzzi-bass
Emanuele Borsati-drums
"After their debut EP (“Epsilon”, 2012), FEM reaches its full maturity with a concept, a tale of imagination and symphonic prog-rock at its best. Their music starting from the classic 70s Italian Prog (PFM, Le Orme and above all Banco del Mutuo Soccorso) moves toward new and adventurous directions. The sound is rich of influences (progressive, fusion, classical music) but nevertheless distinctive, deeply introspective and emotional. The outstanding performance of the new singer, Massimo Sabbatini, emphasizes even more the above-mentioned features of the band. “Sulla bolla di sapone” (“On the soap bubble”) is based from a story by the German writer Kurd Lasswitz."

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