Secret Tales - L'Antico Regno

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This is the 1st album by an Italian band who are blending together Celtic folk/rock, symphonic rock and just a touch of metallic in the guitars. Really nice, eerie female vocals and an over-all ominous air makes this one more than just another progressive rock band!

"Kings, queens, princes and princesses, fairies, witches and magical and grotesque creatures rotate with their stories in a fabulous location, where the figure of the demiurge-Unicorn overhangs and protects everything and everyone, from the monstrous Faust to the sweet Elf. Emotions without boundaries, to other infinite universes ... The charm and enchantment of soft and dreamy music, full of fabulous side dishes and lyrically supported by parts sung in Italian, English and French by Princess Tiziana Radis: the debut album of the Secret Tales is an imaginary sound that turns his gaze to the ancient traditions of Celtic folk-medieval, alternating dark atmosphere and refined symphonic progressive melodies… A work of great emotional impact!"

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