Renaissance - Academy Of Music 1974 : 2 x CDs

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"Another unreleased treasure from the vaults - an extended live performance from 70s prog rock icons Renaissance performing at the historic Academy Of Music hall in New York!

This superb performance covers most of the band s extraordinary fifth Turn Of The Cards, which earned the band rave reviews, as well as highlights from Ashes Are Burning, released a year earlier!"

"This is a fairly decent recording of a concert just before Renaissance broke out in a big way in the USA. This concert was recorded for broadcast (? simulcast) by WNEW. As such, it has the problems one might expect from such a set up: various feedback/electrical problems, a smattering of conversations from someone too close to the microphone, & instrument recording imbalance. By the later I mean that the bass guitar is sometimes overwhelming, some of the orchestra instruments are jarringly isolated, & too often Michael Dunford's guitar is nowhere to be heard. That said, Andy Powell's guitar put a very interesting color on one of the songs.
I believe that we, as music consumers, have come to expect more polish in our expectations of live music. We've become less tolerant of imperfections in the digital age. However, I believe this CD represents a welcome, albeit somewhat raw, addition to anyone's collection of Renaissance recordings. Sometimes the band played too close to the studio versions when playing a song live. This concert shows a delightful crack in that veneer. Renaissance was on their way. They seemed to be having fun playing their music for the audience. Now the living room audience can enjoy their performance."-Kevin C. Delahanty

1. Can You Understand
2. Black Flame
3. Carpet Of The Sun
4. Cold Is Being
5. Things I Don t Understand
6. Running Hard
1. Ashes Are Burning
2. Mother Russia
3. Prologue
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