Jack Dupon - Tete de Chien

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Jack Dupon is not a person, Jack Dupon is a group. A rather great group from France, keeping the wacky surrealism of early Etron Fou and Gong alive and rockin'.

This is the group's 2nd live album and live is where the group really shine (yes, I've seen them and been charmed!). Great, unique, quirky and FUN stuff. Recommended.

"French band JACK DUPON was formed back in 2004, and has slowly but surely risen to prominence amongst those who favor their progressive rock to be challenging and experimental in nature. They have a grand total of six full-length albums to their name at this point, of which four are studio productions and two document their live performances. If you can imagine Frank Zappa hitting the stage with Primus, and opting to add in some psychedelic oriented sounds and passages while at it, then you should be in the right track as far as trying to figure out what Jack Dupon sounds like. This is one of the more challenging and intense progressive rock bands out there today, and this live album documents its strengths as a live band perfectly. As far as a recommended crowd goes, I'd generally say that those truly fond of artists described as RIO and avant-garde rock should give this album a check, and in particular those amongst them who enjoy the theatrical details you'll often encounter with French bands."-progarchives
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