Newhouse, Dave - Natura Morta CD

After five ‘solo albums with friends’ albums released as Manna/Mirage, Dave decided that he wasn’t fooling anyone [ha!] and is releasing this, his sixth work, under his own name and which follows in the same basic mold. All of his work of the last six albums sounds like the work of ensembles, but he’s expanding the idea of what is a group by using different musicians depending on who he feels can bring out the best in the tunes.
Of course the inherent Muffin-ness of Dave shines through completely and the easiest thing for me to tell you is that if you like The Muffins, you’ll thoroughly like this too!
All copies include a BandCamp code as well!

“A year and 5 albums after he has brought the Manna/Mirage project to a close, ex-Muffins musician / composer Dave Newhouse has produced a new album under the moniker of...’Dave Newhouse’, this one titled “Natura Morta”, Latin for Still Life. Many of the same musical suspects (guest musicians) from around the world are involved, this one is a bit longer than the aforementioned Manna/Mirage albums clocking in at around 43 minutes.
It still has that signature AmeriCanterbury / Muffins compositional ethic as well as fast and furious examples of fusion / jazz rock, RIO, World Music, Americana, and alt-jazz. Even John Greaves (Henry Cow / Kew Rhône / National Health) makes a lovely appearance here.
As always, only a very limited run of 300 copies, so get them while you can; once they’re gone, they’re gone.
Thanks for the support!”
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