Chamberlin, Jimmy - Life Begins Again (special!)

So...Jimmy Chamberlin is the drummer for Smashing Pumpkins (not anymore, dude just quit to do this band full time. Had something to do with not wanting to just "cash the check" anymore. Good for you Jimmy!)(he's a great drummer, incidently - keep reading!) and YES, we meant to stock this disc. Why? Because for his first (and so far only) solo album, he leads a group that consists of Billy Mohler (bass, keyboards, guitar), Sean Woolstenhulme (guitar) and Adam Benjamin (Fender Rhodes piano). While there are some vocals on here - even one by Smashing Pumpkin main man Billy Corgan (and, btw, I'm not a fan of Billy or S.P.), the majority of this disc is hard-hitting music somewhere between jazz and rock and, if I had to pick just one thing that 'the good parts' of this album sound like, I'd say Bruford (his band with Holdsworth, Stewart, Berlin). Huh? How did this happen and why? I dunno. I don't decide what drumming rock stars release, we just sell them for cheap when they go on special...
  • LabelSanctuary
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