Charles Bobuck - Charles Bobuck Plays The Residents

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So, there is all this bullshit and fake obscurity about The Residents. We all know that.
Charles Bobuck is a fake name for (I think) Hardy Fox, who was one of the original Residents, but left sometime in the 80s.
This is him performing some of those tunes today.
Note: we list this under “C” just like we list Jethro Tull under “J” and Muddy Waters under “M”; it isn’t his name.

“New arrangement and new vocals crack open altered interpretations of favorite Residents standards. Charles Bobuck mixes a bit of wood with va va room on this surprising non-ventriloquist project. It'll have you singing with your lips closed while drinking a glass of water." That's what Bobuck says about the album. As you can see in the tracklist, Charles Bobuck is re-interpreting some of the finest tunes The Residents ever made. A very personal album, a lot more introvert than The Residents. New arrangements, new vocals by Bobuck himself. Yes, Charles Bobuck sings.”
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