Mothers Of Invention / Frank Zappa - Meat Light: The Uncle Meat Project/Object 3 x CDs (expanded / remastered)

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“Digitally remastered and expanded three CD set. Consider this the Uncle Meat deluxe edition! You get the original 1969 vinyl album mix restored and remastered on CD for the first time, plus loads upon loads of vault tracks from the studio and a few from the stage. But the real gems are the unreleased mix outtakes of "Zolar Czackl," "Electric Aunt Jemima," "Mr. Green Genes" and "Dog Breath Variations;" the single stereo version of "Dog Breath;" multiple variations of "King Kong;" the normal speed guitar track for "Nine Types of Industrial Pollution" and more rare freak outs along those lines compiled from the recording sessions at Apostolic Studios in NYC between 1967 and 1968.”

Uncle Meat was the album that introduced me to 'funny music' and literally changed my life and is why I am at the computer writing descriptions of music to you and releasing records by other 'funny music' artists over 40 years later. I distinctly remember being handed this album by a trusted friend in 10th grade with the admonition to be sure to listen to this album this evening, which I duly did without enthusiasm...until the 1st notes came out. Immediately, it was like a door opened up to a technicolor-filled world (cue that scene in The Wizard of Oz, especially apropos considering the sped-up munchkin vocals that are all over this album), and I also distinctly remembering the feeling that this was the music I had waited my entire (15 year old) life to hear, but didn't know actually existed.
I didn't go a day for at least 4 years without listening to at least one side of this double lp set. The sophistication of the music, performances and studio techniques were an absolutely amazing accomplishment for an album that was recorded in fall 1967/winter 1968.
And now it’s here, just as I originally heard it and with a ton of extra stuff added on as well; my inner 15 year old is squeaking with delight!
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Great , Great, great! The first disc is the original Uncle Meat with NO ADDED FILLERS(read that; no remix,no reverb,and no soundtrack blather either....)! Discs two and three are filled with ,first, an early sequencing of the album with ,in some cases MORE GUITAR in the mix,......and also, but not ONLY......alternate cuts and session recordings and out-takes. NOW HOW MUCH WOULD you pay???!! Never you mind....if this sounds like the kind of life for NEED THIS.
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