Zappa, Frank - Joe's Domage CD

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The ZFT has happily seen fit to make generally available (that means, available to us) a lot of items that were previously available by mail only from the ZFT.
This is reasonable, but rough quality rehearsal recordings. The material is fascinating, but this is one of the 'roughest' ZFT releases, so keep that in mind!

"Joe's Domage, the second entry from the 'Corsaga' series gives you an insight into how Frank worked. The recording from this primitive cassette tape captures the first rehearsal of the Wazoo band, freezing in time early ideas and arrangements of material that went on to be used on The Grand Wazoo & Waka/Jawaka album sessions of 1972. Recorded ambiently in Frank's rehearsal room in Hollywood, Frank conducted these sessions while confined to a wheelchair after being pushed offstage in London, England roughly three months prior."
Frank Zappa – guitar, vocals
Tony Duran – guitar, vocals
Ian Underwood – organ
Sal Marquez – trumpet
Malcolm McNab – trumpet
Ken Shroyer – trombone
Tony Ortega – baritone saxophone
Alex Dmochowski (a.k.a. Erroneous) – bass guitar, vocals
Aynsley Dunbar – drums

1. "When It's Perfect..." 3:18
2. "The New Brown Clouds" 2:44
3. "Frog Song" 17:23
4. "It Just Might Be a One Shot Deal" 1:57
5. "The Ending Line..." 3:12
6. "Blessed Relief/The New Brown Clouds" 5:03
7. "It Ain't Real So What's the Deal" 13:14
8. "Think It Over (some)/Think It Over (some more)" 5:20
9. "Another Whole Melodic Section" 1:53
10. "When It Feels Natural..." 1:27
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