Kawasaki, Ryo - Juice CD

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Born in Japan in 1947, Ryo had a long and stellar career recording and releasing music. Ryo is one of the pioneers of the jazz fusion genre (editor’s note: and also with his early guitar synthesizer, which was bulky and cumbersome and VERY futuristic and cool, and which I saw him play in Elvin Jones’ Jazz Machine in NYC in June, 1975!).
In the US he worked with some of the greats of jazz, such as Elvin Jones, Chico Hamilton and Bobbi Humphrey, to name but a few. A forward-thinking and ever-evolving musician, Ryo collaborated with the Roland Corporation and Korg on the 'guitar synthesizer' and later wrote music software for computers.
'Juice' has become a much-loved album for crate diggers and jazz-funk enthusiasts. The album was released in 1976 on RCA Records and features the musicians' drummer Jimmy Young, rhythm guitarist Hugh McCracken, and bassist Stu Woods amongst other luminaries.
A solid album throughout that incorporates a heavy dose of tripped-out synths; tracks such as the opener 'Raisins', with it's drum beat intro and bubbling bass-line, rivals The Headhunters at their finest. A superb album from an underground legend.”
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