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Archival material, originally released in the mid 90s but recorded between 1970-1975 by this French underground band; this is its first-ever release on vinyl.

“Cheval Fou was one of the most important, prolific and authentic psychedelic outfits that thrived on the margins of the French underground during the first half of the 70s. A precursor to the by now more well-known and equally outstanding space-rock formation NYL, Cheval Fou’s salvaged recordings are a testament to the purest made-in-Europe free-form, freak-out psychedelia. Just picture an amalgamation between Group 1850’s Agemo and Amon Duul’s Phallus Dei, with Dashiel Hedayatt dropping in for a quick jam, and you will catch a glimpse of that horse-headed ballerina in far-out space delivering drones with playfully sinister ferocity on a flying chess-board. Not at all surprisingly, as this is what Cheval Fou did from dusk to dawn over their 5-year long life that was so intensely creative, and so good to be true that it just had to remain the distant echo of an entire scene’s unconscious.
As a flamboyantly proud homage to those momentary (int)er(r)uptions of lavaic flux bequeathed to us by Cheval Fou, we enshrined them in this limited edition of 300 numbered copies, in splatter vinyl, an open stargate to bonus tracks, and all of the above sheltered in a fold-out poster cover.”
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