Z Machine - Merging Worlds CD

Lester Greenhalgh - Drums, Percussion
Rob Harrison - Saxophone, Flute
Gareth Piper - Guitar
Kristian Rees - Bass
Owen Rosser - Guitar

This is not a ‘retro’ style album, but stylistically, I think that one definitely could consider it a modern take on the early 70s Vertigo bands that featured saxophones.

“Z Machine is a 5 piece instrumental band that leans heavily on saxophonist Rob Harrison to drive their songs. I’ve heard early King Crimson mentioned to describe their sound, and that is a good reference point. The two guitars often play in harmony with the sax, and bring a metallic quality to these complex arrangements. Tracks like the opening “Bonus Eruptus” and “Myrtle The Turtle” are full of chaotic playing and changes. In contrast, the band shows their mellow side on “Big Old Hen”, as the guitar steps up with a tone reminiscent of early Fripp to get some time in the lead role. There are five short interludes each lasting about a minute that break up the songs with sound effects or soundscapes, offering a breather for the listener, as the music is intense. “Spacewalk” is one of my favorites, I really like the opening bassline, they get a bit atmospheric in spots, and the guitar gets another chance to step up. The closing section that features the two guitars and sax going at it is great, more of this please!! “Joining the Q” for me is the real fusion track, grooving bass, lyrical lead lines, and I love listening to what the guitars are doing here. The closing “Synoceratus” has them finding their fusion feet, adding flute in the beginning (that I don’t see credited). This song has great interplay and a lot of changes, finishing the album strong.
Merging Worlds continues to grow on me with each listen, that’s the sign of a good record. Even the interludes which at first seemed a bit pointless, not only work, but are a welcome respite. I don’t mean to downplay the guitars as their presence is certainly felt and play an integral role, but the saxophone dominates. I think I’ll be spinning this one for a while, and look forward to hearing more from Z Machine.”-Sea of Tranquility
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