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“Satin Whale was a popular German prog band that for some reason got very little attention when the CD world took shape. Only one of their albums - Lost Mankind - ever made it to the silver disc. Their debut "Desert Places" was originally released on the Brain label in 1974. Its one of the great titles from the label - ripping guitar, flute, and Hammond organ through out. "Lost Mankind" follows in kind. Quite a solid prog album. After that the albums are still proggy but a bit more commercial. Made In Germany is releasing two box sets - this one covers the 5 studio albums. There will be a second box set covering the band's live releases. Perhaps a little bit expensive but honestly its worth it just for Desert Places alone - its that good! Highest recommendation.”-Ken Golden

""We had idols who influenced us, from Jethro Tull to Deep Purple and later Supertramp. From the beginning, we tried to play as well as our Anglo-American colleagues," remembers Thomas Brück, bassist and singer of the Cologne progressive rock band Satin Whale.
Generally labelled, as usual with a German rock band in the early 1970s, as Krautrock, the four Cologne musicians already developed on their debut album "Desert Places" (released in 1974 on the Brain label, the trademark for rock music from Germany) a quite independent and unmistakable sound with high recognition value. Reward of the effort - already the debut album was sufficient that in the same year the listeners of the German Radio Station Südwestfunk voted Satin Whale the most popular band in Germany in the contest "Rocksound 74". The musicians then continued on their successful course.
Over the years Satin Whale released 5 studio albums, a soundtrack ("Die Faust In Der Tasche", 1979, starring Manfred Krug and Ursula Monn), a live double album and a remix album, for which Germany`s producer legend Conny Plank was responsible.
Now a complete retrospective of Satin Whale's work is released in two box sets. The first box set "The Studio Albums" contains the 5 studio albums from the years 1974 to 1981, the second box set (released a few months later) contains the live album, the remix album and the soundtrack. A booklet with plenty of background information by Thomas Zimmermann and photos are documenting the history of the band."
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