Cline, Alex - The Constant Flame CD

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"The latest Alex Cline Ensemble endeavor is the first since 1999's Sparks Fly Upward, and is a poetic masterpiece. Back is the haunted, hunted stoned angel voice of Aina Kemanis, with violins provided by Jeff Gauthier, Michael Elizando's bass, G.E. Stinson's guitar and Wayne Peet's keyboards to accompany the massive percussion skills of Cline."

"Not what you would expect from a drummer's recording, but Cline is so much more. He is a composer and musician at heart who happens to play drums. This is not wallpaper music, but music of immense depth that, like a great film, will reveal more nuances each time it is returned to."-Michael Bettine,

Aina Kemanis - voice
Alex Cline - percussion, kantele, autoharp, synthesizer
G.E. Stinson - electric guitars, mbira, autoharp, voice
Jeff Gauthier - violins
Michael Elizondo - bass, Taurus bass pedals
Wayne Peet - keyboards
  • LabelCryptogramophone
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