Cutler, Chris - It Makes Sense To Me: A Selection From The Public Record 1972-2022 : 2 x CDs

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“50 years of experimental songs, instrumental music and sonic innovation, including tracks by Henry Cow, Art Bears, Cassiber, News From Babel, Aqsak Mabou, Duck and Cover, Peter Blegvad, Rene Lussier, The Work, Les Quatre guitaristes de L'apocalypso bar, Pere Ubu, The (ec) Nudes, Domestic Stories, Songs Between, NORMA ,p53, The Science Group, Cutler/Frith, Cutler/Parkins, Cutler/Dimuzio, Cutler/MacLean, Vril, Brainville III and Yumi Hara. Mostly co-written, but also taking in Satie, Bach, Eisler, Handel and Schoenberg.
Roughly half songs and half instrumentals, This Makes Sense to Me, encapsulates the evolution of different and innovative kinds of rock music between 1972 and the present, and offers an economical and wide-ranging introduction to both a life, and a world of music, that has endured for half a century without compromise. 44 tracks in all, budget priced as a single CD.”
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