Bozulich, Carla - Boy CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Carla Bozulich, an art-punk heroine with almost three decades of exceptional, iconoclastic musical activity under her belt, presents the third record of her storied career to be issued in her own name. Boy is Carla's self-proclaimed pop record and is a refreshing and much-needed reminder of what pop can mean in the hands of a ferociously commanding singer/lyricist who has cut her teeth on genre-bending, genre blending, and DIY production for 25 years. Boy is unmistakably a pop-influenced album by way of punk, avant rock and lo/mid-fi.”

“The Carla Bozulich back catalog is a stupendous and impressive one full of experimental flair and fearless production decisions. From The Geraldine Fibbers (buy everything by them!) to Scarnella (buy their single album!) to the solo and group works tied to the Evangelista moniker (yes, these too!), I can't think of an artist in the last decade who has given me what I want musically and lyrically as consistently as this free-thinking, husky-voiced, guitar-torturing country/avant garde/torch/indie/noise adventuress.
Boy is Carla's self-described pop record. It doesn't get as freeform or willfully abrasive as most of the Evangelista/Scarnella material. Or, I should say, when it does it contains these spikes and noise-pits within a skillfully-rendered singer/songwriter format. As always, the songs are engaging and of a high caliber. Tracks like "Gonna Stop Killing," "Ain't No Grave" and "Lazy Crossbones" are fresh classics with open ribcages of sound texture that she pours her expressive voice into. The latter song is a catchy lope with a simple, deep bass vamp that propels it, a mix-tape shoe-in for your friend who wants new, great music...”
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