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“A cross of early Funkadelic and the baddest of the Man in Black...”

“This album was originally released, to virtually no fanfare at all, in 1981, but the recordings date back to 1977-1980. The artist who made this album is called Chance, but his real name is Chance Martin and he was a longtime member of Johnny Cash's band, and also played with, or hung out with, a variety of other musicians, ranging from country slickers to crazy rockers. That musical diversity is definitely reflected on the songs on this album. Just what do you call this stuff? Not an easy question. To my ears it sounds like Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart sitting in with Waylon Jennings ... and Eddie Hazel from Funkadelic playing guitar. There's even one song that sounds to me like The Cure. Yes, it's that weird ... and that wonderful!
In the liner notes that come with the CD they describe the music as "a fierce, inimitable, and myth-taking countrydelic masterpiece of insular inspiration and absolutely singular vision and scope ... one of the purported goals was to imagine a completely new sound-world and we daresay Chance and the boys succeeded there. Commanding, aggressive, and unabashedly masculine, it literally sounds like nothing else we've ever heard --- this is as close as we've gotten to unique music (if there is such a thing), the real deal, an obsessive, private-press triumph of the imagination. The closest analog we can venture is some unholy pot likker of Waylon Jennings, Funkadelic, the Fields of Nephilim, and the Bob Seger System; a strange Southern gothic, alternatively frightening and funky, and utterly transfixing. One can only wonder as to which interstellar channels Chance is tuned, but whatever he's hearing is not the same transmission that the rest of us hear. And God bless him for it."
Indeed, this album is not easy to pigeonhole or classify, but that's part of its charm. Chance may not possess the most endearing of voices, but as the liner notes proclaim, it certainly is commanding and distinctive. If you're a music buyer with an ear for slightly eccentric and very engaging artists, this is an album that is well worth your time. The CD (52 minutes of music) comes with a 20-page booklet with an essay about Chance and his career, not to mention these recordings, plus a most fascinating "oral history" of his time in the studio written by Chance Martin himself. Take a "Chance" on this one!”-Donald Gilliand
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