Capasso, Carmine - Assenza di Gravita CD

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Carmine Capasso known as the guitarist of The Trip (Caronte 50 Years Later), a collaborator with Samurai of Prog and a session player for several artists on the Italian and international scene, gathers a lineup of guests for eight unreleased tracks composed by himself.
In addition to Carmine Capasso in the guise of songwriter and multinstrumentalist we find his longtime collaborators: Ovidio Catanzano and Antonio Liccardi (drums), Francesco Di Pietro (piano, synth), guests such as Sasha Torrisi (former Timoria), Marco Bernard & Kimmo Porsti (Samurai of Prog), Marcus Eaton (David Crosby), Luca Sparagna (Le Orme), Adrian Shaw (Hawkwind), Elisa Montaldo (Il tempio delle clessidre), Marco Grieco, Danilo Sesti, Barbara Rubin, Andrea Taddeo, Emilio Verrillo, Jenny Puertas (Agusa), Roberto De Rosa, Salvatore Santella, Alessandro Di Benedetti (Inner Prospekt), Andrea Ranfa (The Trip), Tony Alemanno (The Trip), Costantino Taglialatela, Ivan Santovito (IsProject), Oscar Fuentes (Days Between Stations), Alessandro Saltarelli.
A work dense with psychedelic and at times progressive atmospheres but above all harmonies and melodies typical of the Italian musical tradition. The powerful rhythm section enhances the somber themes that are interspersed with the work's more pop songs, a work rich in guitar and orchestral interlacing. A combination of styles that Carmine has absorbed throughout his experience as a session player. The work is intended as a kind of concept centered on a dream, Carmine's dream, which is to make his way in a fairly large and complex world. Carmine's desire leads him to fly into a gravity-free reality only to find himself in a place where a sense of lightness is the frame. The scene changes when the protagonist is war (Immobile) where those who pay the price are those people who have nothing to do with it and struggle to make it to tomorrow (Neve Nera).
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