Antistatic - Relics CD

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Søren Høi – drums
Laust Moltesen Andreasen – guitar
Mads Ulrich – guitar
Janus Bagh – bass

No machines were harmed in the making of Relics, Antistatic’s first full-length release. In fact, no machines were used, beyond those necessary to record this young Danish quartet’s music. The precision and intricacy of the band’s carefully stacked rhythms might suggest that loopers and drum machines played some part in Relics’ creation, and they did—but only as inspiration.

“Our music wouldn’t have been made if it hadn’t been for drum machines, or industrial machines in general,” says guitarist Laust Moltesen Andreassen.

Despite it being their debut, the group already play with a rare and unified sense of purpose. As can be heard here, they use their carefully honed skills in the service of a collective sound that fully deserves that often-overused term, unique.

What you won’t hear are exactly the things that most rock bands depend upon. Andreassen and Mads Ulrich are hyper-intellectualized exponents of what Keith Richards once called “the ancient art of weaving”, bringing two-guitar interplay to new levels of complexity and sophistication. At times bassist Janus Bagh takes on the timekeeping duties of a bass drum or orchestral timpani, while Soren Høi’s carefully tuned drums embrace melody.

Ulrich has developed a very personal style of playing in which he often smacks the strings to elicit floating harmonic clouds. Andreassen, in turn, plays almost exclusively finger-style, using different muting techniques to get dry, percussive sounds that are reminiscent of the lutes and idiophones he encountered while studying and travelling in West Africa.

It’s as if Antistatic is a rock band that’s been repurposed as a percussion ensemble, an observation the musicians happily accept. This is rock / 'zen funk' with a very distinctive, dry performance edge!

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