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“How wonderful to have this top class artefact available again. The mighty Electric Prunes recorded, both aurally and visually, in Brighton back in 2002, three years after they reformed again in 1999. And if, like me initially, you worry that what you might get is a pale imitation of a once great band, please don't hesitate for a moment. The Prunes are in top class form. In truth it is like they were never away, and the old magic is still there, front and centre, just like in the halcyon days - or should that be daze?? - back in the late 60's.
At the time of this recording, The Prunes were touring their wonderful 2001 album, Artefact. Four of the tracks here are taken from it. The remainder come from their 60s output - mainly their first and second albums (The Electric Prunes and Underground) which contribute a further seven tracks between them. The rest are taken from Mass In F Minor, and a couple of singles (Little Olive and Ain't It Hard?). The actual track breakdown is as follows:

1. Guitar Reprise From Kyrie Eleison ( CD ) ( 01:50 ) Mass in F Minor
2. Lost Dream ( CD ) ( 05:10 ) Artefact
3. You Never Had It Better (CD ) ( 03:10 ) Underground
4. The Great Banana Hoax ( CD ) ( 06:29 ) Underground
5. Ain't It Hard ? ( CD ) ( 03:39 ) 7" Single
6. I Had Too Much To Dream ( Last Night ) ( CD ) ( 04:59 ) First Album
7. I Happen To Love You / Got My Mojo Workin' ( CD ) ( 05:25 ) Underground
8. Little Olive ( CD ) ( 04:15 ) 7" Single
9. Long Days Flight ( CD ) ( 04:32 ) Underground
10. Devil's Candy ( CD ) ( 05:11 ) Artefact
11. Bullet Thru The Backseat ( CD ) ( 05:13 ) Artefact
12. Hideaway ( CD ) ( 04:09 ) Underground
13. Castaway ( CD ) ( 06:13 ) Artefact
14. Get Me To The World On Time ( CD ) ( 06:00 ) First Album

The personnel on the album are original members James Lowe and Mark Tulin together with new guys, Joe Dooley, Cameron Lowe and Mark Moulin. Sadly the stupendous Mark Tulin has departed this earth in the interim but thankfully this marvellous piece of work preserves another priceless part of his musical bequest to those of us who are left. This is particularly so in the case of the accompanying DVD which not only contains the entire concert but also provides us with a host of invaluable extras including behind the scenes footage of the Rewired tour, a 'making of' feature on both the Artefact album and Vox Fest III, together with several other excellent items and surprises. Far too many to list here.
On the back cover it says 'The '67 Masters of Psychedelic Rock, captured live in Brighton UK. A musical journey into the remote past' That says it all really.
I couldn't put it better myself!”-Gerald Hennessy
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