Stepps - Waltz For Tiger Joe CD (expanded)

Michael Vidale : bass guitar
Paul Freeland / Ralph Cooper : drums
Ian Hildebrand : guitar
Oleg Ditrich : keyboards
Bernie Morgan : percussion, vocals

Once again, another offshoot of Snakes Alive. Note that Bernie is a lady who sings mostly wordless vocals in a lovely way, recalling aspects of Pascale Son and Amanda Parsons. In fact the entire release very much channels the Canterbury sound, reminding me of Cos and Gilgamesh. Excellent stuff.

“This circle of Australian musicians basically recorded three different albums under three different band monikers. Two were released as demos. Snakes Alive and Stepps achieved test pressings, and only Stepps had original artwork. Australia in the early 70s was considerably more isolated than today, so it's understandable how music like this remained unknown.
Stepps were the final incarnation of the "group". At this stage, the band had moved over to a Canterbury like sound. The liner notes accurately describe the music as not only similar to Hatfield and the North, but really more like Belgium's Cos. And he rightfully uses a great word to describe their very feminine singer: Coquettish. In the couple of photos of her, you see a very beautiful young lady with long straight hair that goes down to her waist. Essentially a dream girl of the early 70s. Worth mentioning all of this because the album gives off this naive and harmless playfulness as they flirt with you, the listener. So yes, this album is all about the Canterbury scene. Essential for Canterbury fans.”-rym
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