Westbrook, Mike - Live 1972 CD (expanded)

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Mike Westbrook electric piano/harmonica
George Khan tenor saxophone/electric saxophone/flute
Gary Boyle guitar
Alan Jackson drums/alto saxophone
Butch Potter bass guitar/pogo stick/flute

“To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Cadillac Music & Publishing we’re delighted to announce this special reissue of Cadillac’s very first release, Live from 1973. With additional tracks, mastered by Jon Hiseman of Colosseum, and released with the blessing of Mike Westbrook, Live 1972 stands out as a document of the Westbrook project in transition, and as a bloody great slab of music in its own right played by a brilliant collection of musicians.”

For more than 50 years, Mike Westbrook has been composing and releasing albums of his unique take on 'jazz'. An exemplary and distinctive composer, he is one of the true pillars of what we consider the 'Brit-jazz' sound and he is still going strong and releasing good work!
He was also one of the earliest of the British jazz composers to embrace and explore electric instruments and the mixtures possible between jazz and rock.
This is a quite obscure live album from 1972; obscure enough that until it actually arrived that I thought it was all completely previously unreleased. It isn't, but there's 20' of previously unreleased material added onto an album that I feel quite certain that very few of you know anyway! Recommended, early, electric jazz & dig the great personnel and listen to Gary Boyle slay!!
As Mike Westbrook recalls, this band only existed for a few weeks at the beginning of 1972. By the time of his studio album, Solid Gold Cadillac, his band personnel had changed.

"It is the infectious music that doesn't seem to begin or end. It whisks you away into a pulsating, kaleidoscope dream of world sounds, bursts of noise and quiet, unnerving spaces. Then suddenly the melody is back, like a familiar turning in the road."-Esther Ripley, The Tavistock Times, Jan 21st 1972.
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