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"The story unfolds in space, be it outer or inner. The path is dark, but the dog will lead the way, just like the hieroglyphs hewn in the eternal oak. The time has come. The claws of the machine accelerate as we thrust into the abyss. From here, a distant light grows like a faint sound from within - getting louder and louder until we realize - there will be no sleep this year. The journey ends where birds used to sing.
Sølvhjerneskaller (The Silver Brain Shells) is the second album from Måneskjold following the critically acclaimed Kometen Kommer from 2016. The record is heavily inspired by the space rock sounds that characterized the first album but has a bigger emphasis on the heavier stoner rock sound of the band. Ranging from acoustic psych rock over droning, hypnotic jams to almost prog rock sounding epics, Sølvhjerneskaller is a far more varied and more mature album than its predecessor. Måneskjold pays more attention to song writing while spending a little less time on jamming. The result is a more focused album firmly rooted in the old sound of the band but with plenty of new ideas realized throughout.
Sølvhjerneskaller follows two narratives that lead the way through side A and B respectively. Both deal with the theme of destruction and rebirth. Side A follows the legend of the silver brain shells: a story of inner turmoil presented as an intergalactic odyssey of the search for the missing parts of our narrator. From the harvesting of raw materials on faraway planets and back to the forests of planet earth the search seems to be never ending. Side B tells the story of Primus: a man deadly scarred by the destruction of earth through natural catastrophes, who is reawakened onboard a spaceship. Upon reawakening he realizes that his body and consciousness is beginning to merge with the space craft.
These two storylines have inspired the gatefold cover where a comic reinterprets the narrative of the songs and turn them into surrealist strips. The comic strips were made by NMAAR while the front was made by Michael Bech Hussein."
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