Cutler, Chris / Lutz Glandien - Domestic Stories CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

“Single work song cycle written by Cutler (words) and Glandien (music), with performances by Fred Frith, Dagmar Krause and Alfred Harth.
Full book of texts and pictures. Following on from Art Bears and News From Babel. Cover by Peter Blegvad.”

“Alternately harrowing and slyly humorous, this collaboration between Chris Cutler and Lutz Glandien plays more like an Art Bears reunion featuring, Fred Frith on guitar and the irrepressible Dagmar Krause on vocals. What Glandien brings to these compositions is a modern manipulation of sound using digital and tape effects, creating rumbling beds of disturbance for the music to play against.
The texts by Cutler take a look at the power relationships in marriage -- from a concerned Marxist, the outlook is pretty grim as one could imagine. But the accompanying music is fascinating, dramatic, theatrical, and strange.”-AllMusic

“Post Art Bears recording that is at least of the same high level:
Can't recommend this high enough!”-Willy Vlyminck
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