Blegvad, Peter - Hangman's Hill CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

With John Greaves and Chris Cutler. Follow up to the masterly Just Woke Up, sporting great new songs and guests including B.J.Cole, Geraint Watkins, Adam X, Chris Stamey, Bob Drake, Stoffer Blegvad.

“Described as a "fusion of Lou Reed and Bob Dylan, cross bred with English humorist Jon Hegley", Peter Blegvad has carved out a unique position as performer, songwriter and cartoonist. This is his third solo album on ReR.
The 1996 release "Just Woke Up" was a big critical success; Hangman's Hill is even better! Featuring the sparkling ex Henry Cow rhythm section of Chris Cutler/John Greaves, and produced by ex Ice T man Bob Drake, the album carries you on a journey through the mind of this eccentric UK based American.”

"Imagine a world where this is the only song and against your will you have to sit and listen to it all day long 'til it made you ill" Only Blegvad could pack so much informaton into 29 words and make it wise and funny and fascinating.
Add John Greaves solid and strange music and you have one awesome follow up to the Beatles "Rain" (or is it "Bluejay Way"?). This is the last of thirteen gems on this jewel of a record by a duo who have been making great music together for, like, 30 years. It shows, good ideas and great advice drip from this record like honey from a ham. Buy it for the quintessential Blegvad statement contained in the song 'the marvelous in the everyday.' It goes; "She saw the thinness of a dime, saw a slug secreting slime, as if for the first time, Others looked but never saw, glory apprehended raw, right to the smallest flaw, in the grand design." shoot, I wish I'd said that!”-Tim Quinn
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