K-Space - Infinity (COMPUTER ONLY DISC - MAC or PC) (Mega Blowout Sale)

Tim Hodgkinson-Steel Guitar [Lap], Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Clarinet [Klarnet], Alto Saxophone, Sounds [Sound Manipulation], Voice, Tüngür [Dungur], Percussion, Ocarina
Ken Hyder-Percussion, Percussion [Drum Kit], Tüngür [Dungur], Voice, Ektare [Ektara, Bass Ektara], Sounds [Sound Manipulation]
Gendos Chamzyryn-Voice, Tüngür [Dungur], Percussion, Doshpuluur, Cello, Performer [Chadagan, Khomous], Ocarina

“The one album, I'd say, that deserves a perfect score on concept alone.
Why wasn't this done in the 90s? Back when the word "CD-ROM" would've sounded as futuristic as an album made of performances syncopated by it's software, creating an atmospheric world that never repeats and never ends.”-RYM

Tim Hodgkinson, Ken Hyder & Gendos Chamzyryn have come up with what is really quite a revolutionary and also wild idea and release. This computer-only disc recomposes all the musical parameters when it is loaded. The album is different each time it is played. There is no version, there are a unlimited number of versions of Infinity. Disk Drive Required

"A new, revolutionary album which is different every time you play it has been created by Tim Hodgkinson, Ken Hyder and Gendos Chamzyryn.
At a time when the music industry is making a dramatic shift from CDs to downloads, K-Space's Infinity presents a different option. First of all, this disk plays on a computer, not a CD player. And this is a whole piece of work - you can't download tracks from it. In fact the disk contains software that performs the 'pieces' on the album differently every time you play them. These performances are in no way random and this has nothing to do with shuffle-culture. The software is specially programmed to make choices from the available material. Furthermore you can't pause or fast-forward this album: the music is indivisible, and you can only turn it on or turn it off. In fact everything that happens is there to create a special listening experience... The sensation for the listener is of being in one space which encompasses different locations and different moments in time. And each space is different each time the piece is played. On the same disc, there's also 4 videos of the band, and a full-color photo album."

"Great great piece of work on the musical/spiritual level as well as this very ingenuous technological twist: you buy one cd and you get x-times the length of always good music ! A genius strike ! And magic...... it is always new.. I was UP UP AND AWAY !!"-Jean-Herve Peron (Faust)

NOTE: That it says you need either a PC or a Mac with 2MHz processor, 1.5 gig of RAM, a sound card and a CD drive.
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