Dawson, Michael P. - Hurtleturtled Out Of Heaven CD

“The figure of a Cosmic Turtle occurs in various mythologies and eras, from the ancient Hindu Akupara to Terry Pratchett’s Great A’Tuin. Hurtleturtled Out of Heaven borrows its title from James Joyce, and envisions the turtle spirit as a cosmic Finnegan, whose fall is a journey from interstellar space to the seas, swamps, and woodlands of earth. It’s turtles all the way down.
Hurtleturtled Out of Heaven is divided into two parts, or “Regions,” separated by a short “Inturtlude.” Region One looks to the cosmos, and Region Two the earth. The Inturtlude is a series of catastrophes that move in and out of phase. The music was created entirely on Moog synthesizers as a salute to the groundbreaking analog synthesizer recordings of the 1960s and ‘70s. Hurtleturtled draws inspiration from the works of Morton Subotnick and the composers of the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center, as well as the more populist work of Wendy Carlos and Isao Tomita, the sequencer-driven space music of the Berlin school, and the innumerable Moogsploitation albums of varying degrees of silliness that followed in the wake of Switched-On Bach’s success.
Hurtleturtled Out of Heaven is dedicated to the pioneering composer Pauline Oliveros, with whom I studied electronic music at UC San Diego.”
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