Decibel - In Concert CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Decibel were a legendary Mexican chamber/rock group with improvisational leanings who are probably best known for their very fine contribution to the excellent Recommended Records Sampler double album. This has a 40’ concert recording from Mexico City, May, 2000, as well as very rare archive recordings from the 70's. The sound of the archival materials isn't awful, but it is definitely lo-fi, so that should be kept in mind.

“The Archives are taken from the private pressing cassette "Chiasognathus Grantii" recorded in 1977 on amateur equipment at home, other parts were recorded at "Radio Universida Nacional Autonoma De Mexico, 1979", which their master tapes are long ago lost. In addition, these tapes were found in a deteriorating state, and were quite unlistenable.
In order to preserve the remnants of this archival material, after selecting the best-sounding pieces from those tapes, we have made every effort to improve their sound, though the improved sound still leaves much to be desired.”
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