Delta Saxophone Quartet - Dedicated to You but You Weren't Listening: The Music of Soft Machine

Graeme Blevins (soprano saxophone), Peter Whyman (alto saxophone), Tim Holmes (tenor saxophone), Chris Caldwell (baritone saxophone) have released at least one album before, but with this, they should reach a wider audience. This is a very well and smartly arranged/re-arranged set of pieces written by one of the groundbreaking ensembles of rock and jazz of the late 1960s/early 1970s. This excellent, entertaining set will work equally well for fans of Soft Machine or fans of contemporary saxophone quartets and work for saxophone quartets. The tunes range from the period of Volume II to Softs and all are fun and also surprising. Hugh Hopper has been playing gigs with the band and contributes loops and bass to one track, but basically, this is the DSQ's show and they carry it really well.
  • LabelMoonJune
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