Divae Project - Stratosferico & Other Stories CD

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"First CD for the Roman Divae Project, descendants of Divae, the band which released the album DETERMINAZIONE in 1995.
The project was conceived by Guido Bellachioma (music critic, director of «Prog Italia» magazine and of the Progressivamente Festival since 1993) and Davide Pistoni (multi-instrumentalist and uniquely talented composer), who developed and worked on the ideas together, right up to the final mix, obtaining a full-bodied and nuanced sound. Around them they gathered some of the best Italian musicians of yesterday and today, as well as creating some new music to match the voice of Demetrio Stratos - the song “Stratosferico”, taking the original file of the tongue twister “O tzitzeras o mitzeras”, included in the 1978 FUTURA box - and Giulio Capiozzo's drums - “L'urlo” – thanks to the collaboration of Daniela Ronconi, Demetrio’s wife, and Christian Capiozzo, Giulio's son. “Rawon” is the significant tribute to Demetrio and Giulio by their great friend, Gianni Nocenzi (Banco del Mutuo Soccorso), who offers the listener restless and beguiling atmospheres with his Bechstein A-228 acoustic piano.
The second side is occupied by the revisitation of three songs from Osanna's first album, L'UOMO. In the suite, which combined “Introduction” and “L'uomo”, Lino Vairetti, the heart and soul of Osanna, is present on vocals and harmonica; “L’amore vincerà di nuovo” is sung by Gazebo, an icon of the 80s with “I Like Chophin” and “Masterpiece”, who demonstrates his great love of seventies rock.
This songs tells six stories, suspended between rock and experimentalism, connecting prog, hard-rock, psychedelia, classic-contemporary music, electric and acoustic instruments, vintage and modern sounds, melody and rhythms which refuse to stand still.”

Demetrio Stratos: voice (1 - Area) - Davide Pistoni: piano, keyboards, synthesizers, effects, orchestrazioni (1/12 – Zucchero, Enzo Avitabile, Rovescio della Medaglia), Giulio Capiozzo: drums (2 - Area) - Gianni Nocenzi: acoustic piano (3 - BMS) - Lino Vairetti: harmonica, voice (4/5 - Osanna) – Gazebo: voice (6) - Luca Velletri: voice (9/10 - JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, EVITA, NOTRE DAME DE PARIS, Jon Anderson & Vangelis, Phil Collins) - Francesco Isola: drums (4/6, 8/10, 12 - Mo Foster, Alex Britti, Rovescio della Medaglia) - Fabio Cerrone: guitar (4/6, 8/10, 12 – Divae, Virtual Dream) - Lorenzo Trincia: bass (9/10 – Floydiana, Rovescio della Medaglia) - Fabio Trentini: bass (4, 6 – Le Orme) – Carlo Maria Micheli: sax (4, 10 – Vittorio Nocenzi, Tullio De Piscopo) - Paolo Lucini: flute (4/5 – Ezra Winston) - Enzo Vita: guitar (4 – Rovescio della Medaglia) - Alessandro Costanzo: voice (5 - Divae) - Dahl Ah Lee: violin (10 – Conservatorio S. Cecilia) - Elio Volpini: bass (5 – Flea, Uovo di Colombo, Etna) - Pericle Sponzilli: acoustic guitar (4/5, Reale Accademia di Musica) - Guido Bellachioma: voice (7)
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